Apartments for rent in Hong Kong: the different types found

Home to 250 or more islands, Hong Kong, China’s mighty city, has over time become a hotbed of tourist activity. Millions of people around the world visit Hong Kong every year for both pleasure and business. The problem most expats face after coming to the city is finding decent, affordable and affordable accommodation. Many are not even aware of the myriad of real estate options available. Since most foreigners tend to look for apartments for rent in Hong Kong, this article is dedicated to providing you with information on the different types available.
Penthouse Apartments

This variety of apartments has become quite common in Hong Kong over the years. Also known as duplex apartments, penthouses generally occupy two floors in a building. Duplex apartments in the city usually have a study, a bedroom, a room, a apartments for rent in accra living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. Depending on your accommodation needs, as well as your budget, these apartments can have between one and three bedrooms on average. If a foreigner is willing to pay more, a terrace is also provided with the rest of the stay.
Old apartment buildings

Apartments of this variety are now largely in decline in Hong Kong. These blocks represent the oldest remains of the city and generally have a huge area. Aside from separate bedrooms, they usually have separate bathrooms and guest rooms. A distinctive feature of these ancient apartments is the large balcony. Since they have been around for a while, they come at a lower price. These condos are quite common in Hong Kong’s Western District area. New condominiums

This variety of apartments symbolizes the commercial development that Hong Kong has experienced in recent decades. Typically larger than the old blocks, the newer apartments sport modern spaces and attract a sense of opulent living. While very similar in style to hotel rooms, these apartments offer more space when it comes to the living room. A variety of these new condos can be found in areas such as Victoria Peak in Hong Kong.
Serviced apartments

Whether it’s Hong Kong apartments for rent or Tokyo apartments for rent, the solution you are looking for could be serviced apartments. Having been developed primarily to cater to the tourist population of the city, these apartments come with a number of additional perks such as air conditioning, television, refrigerator and sometimes even a personal kitchen. The best part about these apartments is that they do not entangle the occupant in payment structures and unnecessary legal hassle.